Scientific American Magazine Vol 328 Issue 6

Scientific American

Volume 328, Issue 6

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Physicists Make Matter out of Light to Find Quantum Singularities

Experiments that imitate solid materials with light waves reveal the quantum basis of exotic physical effects

Dissociative Identity Disorder is Stigmatized. Here's How One Therapist Helped 'Parts' Work Together

Therapy for dissociative identity disorder has aimed to meld many personalities into one. But that’s not the only solution, a caring therapist shows

What Is the Future of Fusion Energy?

Nuclear fusion won’t arrive in time to fix climate change, but it could be essential for our future energy needs

How Greyhound Racing Drove the Evolution of a Superparasite

The greyhound racing industry has been implicated in the rise of drug resistance in hookworms—which can infect dogs and humans

When Disaster Strikes, Is Climate Change to Blame?

Scientists are specifying how much damage climate change is adding to extreme weather events, potentially influencing court cases, insurance claims and public policy

This Ancient Language Has the Only Grammar Based Entirely on the Human Body

An endangered language family suggests that early humans used their bodies as a model for reality

The Most Boring Number in the World Is ...

That prime numbers and powers of 2 fascinate many people comes as no surprise. In fact, all numbers split into two camps: interesting and boring


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